Do film capacitors need manual full inspection?

2020-12-21 16:15:14

 1. The electrical properties of film capacitors do not require manual inspection.

For the detection of the capacity error of capacitors, there is now a fully automatic sorting machine, which no longer requires manual full inspection, and only requires a part of the quality control random inspection. Generally, it is necessary to use an automatic sorting machine for film capacitors, which can automatically detect open circuit, short circuit or defective products with excessive leakage current. The product is tested for leakage current performance after being charged on the test clip of the conveyor chain for 60 seconds, and the capacitance of the product is tested. There are six stages of discharge function before the loss angle. The test results are divided into: good product, low capacity, high capacity, large loss angle, large leakage current and re-inspection product. The six defective products are discharged into the corresponding material box by the electromagnet. Through this machine, film capacitors with poor electrical properties can basically be automatically sorted out.

2. The appearance of film capacitors still needs manual inspection.

Some of the capacitors produced have completely normal electrical properties, but there are still some defective products inside. Because many film capacitors are packaged with epoxy resin powder, it is very easy to have incomplete encapsulation due to air bubbles, and the capacitor core is exposed. Although its electrical performance is no problem, it is easy to enter due to the humid air in the air. The life of the capacitor will be shortened, which requires manual inspection of the appearance.

Although there are some AI machines that can check the appearance of film capacitors, because there are many types of film capacitors, the models are complicated, and the sizes vary greatly, so it is not ideal to use AI machines to check the appearance of film capacitors. , in order to ensure the quality of film capacitors, it is still necessary to manually check the appearance, so as to ensure that the products sent to customers are 100% qualified.

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